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Old 26th November 2007
Will the cavalry simply never arrive for some artists?

I cant help thinking the internet slaps a big wet ironic paintbrush across the face of some musicians..

With the traditional label model - the "I am not so stupid, how hard can all this be?" type of musicians that got record deals would invariably end up with their heads spinning from all the events that would unfold that unbeknown to them, were ALWAYS going to be COMPLETELY out of their control. Press, merchandise, promotion, PR, gigs (to just skim the surface) - all controlled by 'professional' agents. The vibe was (is still) you write, record, perform, do the interviews and "WE" will' take care of all the rest for you.

Now, with the new internet empowered artist model, the "I am not so stupid, how hard can all this be?" type of musicians have all the control they could ever dream of - except they can end up with their heads TOTALLY spinning - as there is just SO DAMN MUCH to do...

What is that? A "be careful what you wish for, because you might get it" paradox?

Congratulations! You have now entered into a world of infinite micro management - welcome to your own endless nightmare!

I have read the (very valid) suggestions from our guests that musicians should if possible delegate, but I wager a lot of DIY artists simply cant find the manpower amongst their fan base, friends and family to go full tilt into the cyber battle for public recognition. Imagine it .. "dude, I like your band and all, but there is no way I am going to surf MySpace stealing friends for you for 8 hours a day"

or "OK I voted for your band with my 4 different email accounts but I feel kinda funny asking everyone I know to vote for you as well, I mean I like your band n' all but, you know, I don't want to irritate my friends" Etc...

Its a no brainer that artists can have a enormous level of enthusiasm for their own act / career / music - from running around at venues handing out fliers saying "come see us we are great!" to email mail shots stating the same.. But I would wager that many many artists simply fall short of being able to ever locate that manpower...

Instead of record deals do on line artists dream of "I wish I had 10 full time people to work, MySpace and Face book for me? (thats an insincere question from me as a friend of mine wishes precisely this)

Musician as PR mastermind?
Musician as PR campaign coordinator?
or is it..
Musician as totally overloaded multi-tasking basket case?

There seems to be a lot of 'Er... now what do I do" out there!
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