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Old 26th November 2007
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I realize that I don't hold a very popular position on this, but I'm interested in what the experts have to say.

Do you guys have any concerns about what may happen 15 years from now if NN leads to a tax on internet access/commerce and regulation of obscenity/expression/etc.? NN seems like a great idea at first, but isn't it really just setting a precedent for government control of the internet? The last thing we need is a Fairness Doctrine or FCC for the web.

Is it nasty and evil of the telcos to block certain content? Absolutely! But private enterprises can do as they please. I'm surprised two entrepreneurs who have had incredible and well-deserved success aren't a little more wary of encroaching restrictions on private industry.

I realize that there's no good answer for this since both options are pretty terrible, but is there any fear that this kind of legislation may come back to bite you later?