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What should an artist be planning BEFORE making the steps into online distribution?

For years you're like so many other musicians. Chasing "THE DEAL". Boring. Musicians should chase ideas, not contracts, right? So after a few "could've been a contender" moments you rock back into making music for the right reasons. But then that the little thing called the internet sticks itself into the equation and suddenly those few songs posted online start illiciting curious listeners, then genuine fans, then media interest. Suddenly the idea of "THE DEAL" starts rearing one of its seven ugly heads again. Full circle? Please God say it ain't so.

Is the internet the saviour? Can the independent musician with a modicum of organizational ability and intelligence REALLY pay the bills through on line distribution in the same way a successful record through other channels would? Or is the ultimate cost of entry in promoting an album going to force out the small guy? Is distribution in what ever form it may take always going to held by the boys with calculators and not the boys with guitars? No one's looking for the yellow brick road here guys, we're well stocked up on snake oil and all of our pensions are firmly rooted in Miami time shares. Give it to us straight. Because I have read reams about this and possibly like 000's of musicans reading this forum, I still haven't a clue.