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Old 26th November 2007
Peter Wells, SVP Operations, Customer Advocate - Tunecore
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I keep trying to think of a situation where I WOULDN'T want net neutrality.

Here in New York, all the big avenues of Manhattan have a fire lane down the middle. I don't entirely know what the rules are, but I THINK they're "if you hear sirens, get out of that lane." So the road becomes "non-neutral" during emergencies: no trafic except emergency vehicles on that lane during the crisis.

But the Internet isn't REALLY a superhighway, or a road (or a series of tubes--sorry, couldn't resist), and what could possibly be an "emergency"? And even if there were, who would need "emergency" access, what would that be? Video? An email would do it, and no one is saying they can't get an email through without preference...

This is a long-winded, philosophic way of saying keep the net NEUTRAL, darn it!

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