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"Do songs take longer to mix now?"
Wiggy , That's a hard one because these day's most everyone expects to have a mix a day , no matter what, even get the next one started , whereas a few years ago , if it was a complex mix then a day and a half was the norm.
Record budgets changed the time frame of finishing a mix so even tho you could have no clue as to the state of the Protools files you just recieved and whether there was gonna be hours spent trying to restore some messed up session etc. which invariably was the case, and then deal with some producer who kept everything and didn't label it properly, something had to change because it was getting out of hand.
It was not possible to finish the mix in time. I actually got a record to mix ..a whole album where the smallest track count was 120 !!!!!. The song I tried to start with was 160 frigin tracks!!!( I bailed). That's an extreme but true case so now , at least within the company that manages me , there are guidelines for how protools sessions are to be recieved by us and labelled etc so that we can get straight to the mixing after a quicker set-up.
I can only talk about how I work of course , and I can work totally fine this way and my clients are happy , but the one's I can talk into letting me mix ITB at home and spend the time I really want without them freaking out about the money they would be paying the SSL room is growing. I just like to spend time on a mix and get right into it otherwise you can get a little stale I think,because there is less time for experimenting. I hate that.
There are also many times when its more chaotic in the sudio and the energy is very high and the whole team in the studio is in the swing of it then we can easily get a mix done in a matter of hours, if it's the right record , and that is a blast.