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here are some ideas on how to get people to discover and/or listen to your music

1) Create iMixes within iTunes

Music fans and buyers use iTunes as a music discovery tool. iMixes appear next to albums and artists in the music store. iMixes are a playlist of songs that you've chosen to publish and make available to others in the iTunes store. It can only be made up of songs available in the iTunes store.

Make an iMix with at least 12 songs - make three of those 12 songs yours, make the other nine songs by more popular bands in the same genre as you.

Now, when someone within iTunes goes to the more popular bands page, they see the iMix and will see your band/artist name and have a link to click to listen to the song.

- Give the iMixes interesting names -

You can name your iMix. Give it an interesting name tht catches people's attention. For example "Songs I Like" vs. "Top 12 songs to Bang My Way Through Life"

- Rate the iMix

iMixes can be rated - from one to five stars. Make sure you have your iMix rated at least five times with five stars, iMixes with less than five ratings are not surfaced.

- Create many many many iMixes

the more you make, the more your music surfaces

2) Review your album in iTunes

Alums that are reviewed within iTunes sell 33% more than albums that have no review. Review your own album and get as many other people as possible to review it.

- Make the review thoughtful

Dont just write " this album rocks", write something that would impact you if you read it. "This album reminds me of early Lennon if he was a member of Radiohead. etc etc"

remember, with the iMixes you are now pushing people to your album page.

3) MySpace page - let your songs by available to listen to via stream. I know this does not drive people to your page, but as they begin to discover you, having a page that allows them to hear you is a good idea.

4) Go to and look at all the blogs it has listed. email each blog with an MP3 attached. If you do not fit the genre of the MP3 blogs listed there, do a Google search for the right type of MP3 Blogs and then email them

5) Put up your multi-track recordings from one song for free download via bit torrent or another service. Let people use your tracks for free re-mixes and within their own songs

6) When you play a gig, take an iPod with you. After the gig, pop in the mic into the iPod and talk to people in the crowd. Make sure to tell them you are going to podcast the conversations. Then turn that recording into a podcast (Hipcast is a good place to go for podcasting).

People LOVE to hear themselves talk. They will push people to the podcast - make sure to put one song from your album on the podcast.

7) It sounds odd, but cover a popular song and put it in iTunes. People love cover songs and will discover you via the cover. This in turn gets them interested in you and wanting to hear more.

- Use the holidays - holiday themed songs around holidays generate a lot of attention. Around X-mas put a X-mas cover into iTunes. It will sell a lot and generate revenue but also help you get discovered and lead people to your other songs. Don't forget about Valentines Day as well.

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