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Quality of tracking?

Hi Mike...

As a much respected mixer i was wondering if you were able to share some thoughts on how the 'home revolution' has affected the quality of the tracks that you are given to mix. As a long term AE and come up through the 'old school' can you notice that there are both distintive differences between the tracks you get home people now as opposed to those 'pre -PT' or 'revolution'.

Do songs take longer to mix now?

Is the quality of general tracking down in most cases?

Are most things just a pile pf phase hell?

Are drums mostly replaced?

Are you the 'producer' in most cases as people pile more tracks into their songs, and leve it upto you and your jusgement to make the call on what gets the chop and what stays?

Have less expereinced engineers/ producers bought some new and exciting dynamic to the table for you as a mixer as they are more willing to experiment and not be bound by the 'old school' conventions of AE?

Please discuss anyone as i would love to hear peoples thoughts?