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Old 2nd June 2004
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If I'm mixing ITB , Doug , my starting point is different. I use a procontrol (yes I know!!) and my protools guy sets it up as a kind of template also.
As odd as it sounds I like to work at home kinda like I do in the studio , as in I have the luxury of having a protools operator to do the mousework...editing , some of the more laborious automation ie ...riding all the "breaths "down etc on the vocals. My current way of getting going is to have an SSL , an API and a Sony eq across every channel and 3 diferent comps .so that I can just take my pick . Pretty straight forward tho having an operator with me , even tho I know protools makes the whole process much more painless as I like to keep the focus on the music and a lot of ITB manipulation can be laborious. So it's kinda cheating really to have my guy there all the time but it's a much more musical way to work for me.!