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Old 2nd June 2004
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Hi Doug , If I'm working at the studio on a console I have a starting point kind of. It isnt necessarily a "cookie-cutter" template , it's just a way to get going. The problem being that I like to mess around a lot with what I get to mix. I will always start off by getting the rough mix of whatever I'm gonna be working on , as far ahead as possible , first to get into the songs and to see how the band have been listening to it all this time. I will make up my mind on the first listen what I want the sound to be like tho.
If its a rock song or a pop song I will usually have the board layed out by my assistant so that instruments stay in a familliar place on the board.
Some of the sessions that come in nowadays are so damn big 'cos of protools and the lack of decision making that it get's very hard and very tiring to get a mix a day done. Especially if you want to put everything into it on a daily basis.
Inevitably with the drums ...there need to be some help so I've usually got 3 subs set up for the drums with different compressors across the 3 busses to use for different types of compression depending on what part of the song it is.
Same with the vocals , gtrs etc. I like to work on at least a 96 channel console so theres enough room for a lot of multing. It's not always needed . but Just to leave static eq and panning positions for instruments isnt my choice in terms of making space.
The sound and intensity of the drums , to me , should not be the same between different parts of the song and probably wasn't played that way either but when you compress the living daylights out of the ambience or the snare etc, it draws a line thru the song that needs attention to me.
So I will invariably have the kind of comp that makes the chorus be big and punchy but will not use it in the verse , So many records sound like the comp was set to stun and then just left that way for the whole song.
Which is fine..but not my taste. For subs , on comp as I said will be distressors or something and another will be to add attack dbx 160's or somesuch thing. Plus the snare will have been multed also for different sounds if need be.
Vocals will be the same so I can vary the sound of the vocals in a more appropriate way than just one setting.
So far as effects go.Ill have lots of stuff patched up and ready to go but doesn't mean I will use it..just saves so much time to be able to walk in and get going.