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Old 1st June 2004
WOW... Between Charles Dye and Mike Shipley.. I am just out of words here... it's like we are steeling or something. I feel.... the like prettiest girl... in the whole development...


I tried the mix both ways, and the mix frm my studio and ITB was the one chosen without hesitation from the record company in an un labeled test.
This could be an interesting month... So one thing that I have noticed here is two heavyweights in two months both have embraced the new "computer revolution" without bashing it.

Please DO NOT START the analog vs. digital thing that is not my goal here. My point is this is what my view on the whole thing always has been, make music with the tools you have and be happy with life. If ITB works for you then ROCK ON, if a J or a G+ gets your rocks off then ROCK ON but good music can be done on both and so can bad. I am just happy to see others in the big leagues think the same way.

Mike you are truly the man (and I can see a very happy trend to long rambling posts with you please don't hold anything back I for one am all ears, tin maybe but all ears none the less).

Thanks again!!!