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Does your company or the ones alike provide any type of promotion?
We have a full-time promotion person who helps our retail partners (iTunes etc) call attention to certain albums, especially if they have something specific to hinge it on. (This artist is opening for Norah Jones in her European tour. This artist is in the closing credits to Gray's Anatomy in 3 weeks.)

Any specific info you can give your distributor will help them promote you.

But we've found for the most part that having strong initial sales will make the retailers more likely to promote you. This is the objective way they help decide who's worth promoting. You make the first 1000 sales happen, they'll help make the next 10,000 happen.

It's too vague to just say, "But listen to the melody! How about those harmonies? Great lyrics, right? You should promote this!"

I wish that would work, but because EVERYONE is saying the same thing about their music, instead it's best to use objective facts instead of opinions. Activity. Sales. Events.

Use your own creativity and knowledge of your fan-base to make the first 1000 sales happen. Then use those facts to encourage your partners to take it to the next level.

Final word : beware anyone promising you promotion. I was at a conference once where some guy was moaning to me that he went with this company called the Orchard because they promised him the front page of iTunes. Somebody else standing with me said, "Ohmygod! They promised ME the front page of iTunes, too!" Then I swear I'm not kidding : someone walking by us in the hallway, heard this, and said, "Wait - are you guys talking about the Orchard? They promised me the same thing!"