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Old 21st November 2007
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Putting free 128 kbit mp3 is great because people can listen to your stuff and then decide immediately if they like your music and then decide if they wan't to buy it. .
They won't buy. They'll just keep the free 128kbit file. Go ask the kids with their mp3 players - I have. "How much of the music on yer iPod did you buy?" None they say

if some kid who is used to downloading every single album he hears of, goes and downloads your music and then likes it, you at least have a chance for him to go and buy your album.
But they don't buy. they just take

And lastly, you can't make people care by legislating.
No, but they won't have the means to rob musicians blind.

I have nothing against people giving away their own music as a promo or whatever - it's their choice. I still say that most people under 25 don't pay for the music on their players.