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Old 29th May 2004
Re: Re: Re: Waves Doubler+S1

Originally posted by strauss
I was wondering how to measure these phase shifts between different eq's?
Do you take a sine and look at the amount shifted on a scope?
I assume it differs at the frequency range.

And have you tried using those 'linear phase' eq's to prevent these shifts?
I just do it by ear.

I tried using the Waves linear EQ's but wasn't that crazy with the results(i just needed more time with it).

I tend to use the tighter EQ's(less phase shifts) on drums and bass.

The more colored one's(more phase shifts) i use for effects and colors.

The trick is the midrange and hi's.

This is the crucial area and sometimes a mixture of both is called for.

Problem is sometimes you have to "steal from Peter to pay Paul" as they say. One sometimes takes away from the other(masking), so then maybe not using EQ is called for.

Maybe using an enhancer on part of the sections or a colored comp is the answer.