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Re: Waves Doubler+S1

Originally posted by Yiannis
Charles,would you please tell me if I can have the same results with these two plugs in addition to the ones you use?
for that eventide fx and for widening my mixes.

thank you.

I am not Charles but i can tell you that if you want wider mixes, putting all of these spatializers over everything will make it feel wider, but it will be less forward.

You will lose the impact that you've worked hard to achieve.

To compensate i think what people do to is compress and EQ everthing which in my opinions makes it worse because you are adding even more phase shifts.

The secret to wider mixes is

1) Excellent phase relationships with your tracks

2) Minimizing as much phase shifts

3) Panning and placement-not panning everything so wide

4) EQ

Spatializers are one of your bullets in your gun when mixing. So is panning on the outsides and center and auto pan effects.

If you over do these your mixes will have no where else to go(since you've eaten all of the 2 dimensional field). The equivalent of this will be either a small mix or a Left-Right mix with no punch.

I think Spatialization is cool when used sparingly.

It can place things further outside(for clarity) or to push things further back(for perspective).

Also you can use it to exagerate certain lines in verses. Maybe have the main lead in the middle and on a certain word or phrase push it on the out ( I do this sometimes by putting the phrase thourgh a phaser and sending that to the spatializer).

Also Spatializers work best with hi freq material(ie perc,shakers and hats).

The low's if you are not careful can start to swim.

I like the Behringer Edison a lot for this. You can tune in the lows when using this effect.

My 2 cents.