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iTunes is awful quality- especially for the price compared to a cd. All Steve Jobs cares about is keeping the mp3 format popular so apple can sell iPods.

"The Future of Music" is an interesting book that people should at least check out. I don't agree with all it's concepts but find one very interesting.... "Music is less marketable as an individual product (this CD, this song) but more marketable as a service (water, cable, ISP)."


The day's of old business models are dead; artist, record company, distributor, buyer. Granted iTunes is a fantastic concept (digital pipeline directly to the consumer) but in action is does often function to Apple's benefit instead of the consumers.

I would love to be able to get higher resolution versions of the media, versions in my format of choice (instead of Apple encrypted propietary compression), and most importantly an accompanying digital file that is akin to CD inserts with album art (or digital art) and other goodies (song lyrics, credits, bios, studio pics, whatever).