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Got any little tid bits? Please heh

One of my favorite threads:

What i do personally to get "big" sounding samples:

1) I don't compress the samples since alot of them are already "mashed to death". I do EQ some size into them(this is where your EQ choices become important).

2) I sub compress what the samples are missing on different tracks. I split it, mult it, subcompress whatever you want to call it and mix that with the original. The rimshot needs more "thock" got split on the next fader and compress/EQ some thock. The kick needs more bottomn same thing. Sometimes its an easy 2 step process, but most of the times its a 3 step or 4 step(3-4 faders with different combi's of EQ and compression).

3) and if the drums still lack punch/bottomn i buss them all to 2 faders and compress and EQ that and mix that with the original.

The last process i do on other groups of instruments also.

Like the top/mid range/bottomn with its own combination of compression and EQ for the entire track.

This way i don't end up compressing the whole thing(which to me its at the dynamics of the song).

My rule of thumbs for sampled based songs is that i might use a very short reverb on the snare or rim shot(short and small) but leave the kick dry. For the percs and hi's of the drums, a combination of delay,sometimes reverb and spatialization for depth and space.