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Old 16th November 2007
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Personally, I'm not willing to wait until someone legislates music downloading and then gives me a call to tell me "everything's ok now, you can go, it's safe."

Putting free 128 kbit mp3 is great because people can listen to your stuff and then decide immediately if they like your music and then decide if they wan't to buy it. Plus it gives you a sense of being fair as you are giving away a low quality mp3 and then selling a high-quality mp3 (an oxymoron?) to folks who get interested in your music.
Truth is that no matter how many people download your stuff from kazaa or someplace else, the ones who like it will end up buying your CD if they care enough. Those who didn't like it won't buy it and they are not your target audience anyway. In that sense, if some kid who is used to downloading every single album he hears of, goes and downloads your music and then likes it, you at least have a chance for him to go and buy your album. Chances are that if he didn't find you in there he won't even bother to look elsewhere.

And lastly, you can't make people care by legislating. As someone said earlier they need to be educated.