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I am a small fish around here, but one of the bands I recorded has sold thousands of CDs more than any other band I've worked with. I ask them how the hell they've sold so many and they said they made a pact that they would not give the CD out free to anyone. It just so happened that they started a mini reggae explosion in their college town. When I last talked to them about it (about a year ago) they had sold over 7k albums of the demo I did at $10 a pop. This was over the course of one year. They now have a newer album (which I did not do) which I'm sure has sold decent too since they've been touring like mad. They told me they've also made over 8k on iTunes so far. These numbers might sound small to you guys, but in my small circle it is HUGE. Also bear in mind that it is only 5 guys that manage everything.

Every time I hear about someone giving their music away for free, I think of these guys. There are plenty of people around that still buy music-- it just has to be good.