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Old 14th November 2002
There is only one
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i am not sure of the other evans models... there are a few i believe. one that has a built in damper [EQ4?] but its the EQ3 that im using.

i was a long time powerstroke3 user. it had too much snap and not enough thump, real paper type sound. the remo emporers are closer to what the EQ3's sound like but i find the emporers more "muffled" than the EQ3's.

i use EQ3's on both heads but have yet to find a full reso head locally to use. so mine currently has the 5"[?] hole on the outer rim. i usually mic the opposite side of that with a U195 or a royer R121 and sometimes a D112 on the inside on the beater head but i am going to get an ATM25 to sub for that mic soon..

i use no damping at all on the inside. the two heads tuned right i find no need to dampen the heads any.