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Old 16th November 2007
Peter Wells, SVP Operations, Customer Advocate - Tunecore
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So much in life comes down to cost. Radiohead made a decision based on what it would cost them--and they had resources not everyone has (a huge fan base, press agents, plenty of money if the plan backfired, etc.). Extrapolating a philosophy into action or, more, into actual questions of the value of music can lead folks into "overspending": doing things that cost them in ways they can't afford to lose.

That having been said, you've clearly got a good grip on what you have and, more, a belief that your music isn't a single thing, but many: that the 320kbps version is a different entity from a 128kbps version, that the sale (or giveaway) of one might lead to the sale (purchase) of the other, that there's an audience that appreciates the difference, enough to cover your costs.

If everyone was as informed about what they stand to gain, to lose, and everyone had a good grasp of their own tolerances (that is, some folks break out in hives at the thought of a single person "getting" their music for free, while others don't even consider a 128kbps version their music at all!), we'd have a better time of it.

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