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Old 15th November 2007
Giving away music to sell music

The question on everyone's lips:
In your experience:
Does giving away our music ala Radiohead et all with the option to pay, actually devalue music or does it in fact work in the way Andrew Dubber describes it-
i.e, in the digital age, there's no actual scarcity (when talking about media downloads) - the only scarcity is human attention, therefore 15 million downloads and 15000 sales is a reasonable marketing strategy?
Obviously most of us would prefer it not to work this way ie. if people value music enough to listen to it, they should actually be willing to spell out their value in dollar signs- this being a capitalist society after all.

Myself I opted for a half-way approach, which I'd actually decided on before Radiohead did their thang: giving away 128kbps mp3's while leaving the option for cheap payments for higher quality versions (flacs or mp3's), via simple credit card payments, while simultaneously
putting my stuff onto iTunes etc (some via tunecore, some via others).
My site is here.
I've got a few promotional things coming up, once the songs make their way onto iTunes, but nothing fancy. The main point is getting the community involved, and perhaps making some money while I'm at it.

Obviously I know that most people won't hear the difference between a 128kbps MP3 and a 320kbps one, but I'm sure there'll be enough people who do to make a difference. What do you think of this strategy in and of itself?