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Originally posted by karl
Do you think there is a real advantage to the TDM plug [of Auto-Tune 3] and bussing to another track instead of AS? Why would TDM be so different to RTAS.
Hi Karl,

I have know I idea why it's different, but it is. When printing the TDM version of AT3 it to another track it makes the audio only slightly later than the source track (1-3 ms). The AS version (as I said before) moves the syllables all around. It may have been unique to the configuration I was on. Don't know.

Test it for yourself. Make a duplicate of your source track, and with one track on top of the other, use the AS version of AT3 to tune one of the tracks. Now, compare them. If you get the same problem I got, the first syllable of the tuned track will be substantially behind the original track and as you scroll along comparing the two, you will notice the timing difference between the two tracks will not remain the same from syllable to syllable.
This is one of the few file bases plugs that I use along with gain, soundreplacer, pitch n time. Do you avoid AS with these processors as well?
I have no problem using AS. I use it daily for plugs that are AS only like the ones you mentioned. I just stay away from it for converting my inserted plugs to AS plugs. At least for now. One day I will spend the time to do additional testing.

Again, my main reason for preferring to print tracks via the busses is with more than one insert and multiple tracks (I normally do it in batches of four or more) I find it has fewer steps and doesn't create extra interim sound files.

Hope this helps.