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Re: Getting Huge Justin Timberlake Drums / Percussion

Originally posted by nd33
What are the secrets to getting massive sounding drums as heard on big time R&B, hip hop productions?
The kind of drum tracks that sound satisfying on their own with just the bass ala "Rock Your Body" by Timberlake, produced by Neptunes.

Is it more in the production, ie layers of subtle percussion, or can it be done in the mix?

I have read the threads in here on multing drums which have been helpful, I was also wondering do people using mults pan them around say on the snare drum to create a bit of width or are they all on center?

How many different percussion parts are being used to make up these big productions such as the aforementioned Timberlake stuff?

If you get drum tracks on a song you're mixing that just sound too underproduced, and the client wants you to make them sound massive how do you go about doing that? Add a sample on the snare.....?

Thanks for any comments!


I think you picked not the best example.

"Rock Your Body" is kinda smallish in my opinion.

The Neptunes use the bread and butter stuff.

Its up to the mixers to jazz them up.

But this is how a lot of the pop records are done these days anyway.