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The Clever Little Clock is a small, battery-powered travel alarm clock that has been extensively modified using a number of highly-specialized techniques. The Clever Little Clock does not plug into the wall and has no direct or indirect influence on the "audio signal" per se -- not on house wiring, audio components, cables, interconnects, power cords or acoustic waves in the room. Yet the Clock has a pronounced affect on the sound heard by listeners in the room. In addition, any video systems in the house will be improved - the picture will be clearer, with better contrast and color saturation.....

Remove the Clock from its clear bubble pack and place it anywhere in the listening room. The sound will be considerably more musical and live-sounding.....

Price $199 direct from Machina Dynamica
So let me get this straight. I buy this "modified" alarm clock, and just PUT IT IN MY ROOM AND MY HIFI WILL SOUND BETTER?!?!?!?!? Anyone who buys that load of bushwa deserves to be parted from as much of his money as these huxters can get. Somewhere P.T. Barnum is laughing his head off!