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I work with a very intelligent, proefssional guy...

...I guess its similar to guys who buy $100K high performance cars that you can still only drive at 25mph in a school zone. Everyone's got a hobby.
I still maintain that intelligence is not the same as wisdom.

Re: the car.

I'm not so sure, a silver mains cable may cost say, 25 USD to produce. It's then sold at 5k, and has no scientifically proven advantage over a 5 USD cable.
That is to say, using equipment that is an order-of-magnitude more sesitive than a human ear, and may show characteristics that are very obviously way beyond the the sensitivity of human hearing.
The car may have it's snob appeal, but the cable is primarily sold on its performance. You *could* floor the pedal in the car, given the chance.
One could perhaps say that the cable is a celebration of self-(imposed)-deception and ignorance of fact.