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As a formerly audiophile inclined type, I will cut a little slack to some tweaks, as I've tried a few things out and will go on record to say that a couple of those isolation footer products honestly surprised me. That being said, that Teleportaton Thing is way 'off the hook' (pun intended). That is friggin' awesome!!

Thanks for the laugh. That is pretty much 'The Ultimate'.
Yes, pretty amazing. I know... *some* methods/devices are capable of making an improvement.
I s'pose in music production many people are more aware of the power of (self-) suggestion, and the physics of what makes a "good" sound. Also that any supposed differences would be completely shrouded by the effects of the ****ty listening spaces most of these types enjoy, amongst other things. Yet, they wouldn't take a recording-professional's word for anything.
What amazed me, was that I always thought they were referencing exteremely high quality classical and au-naturel jazz recordings. But a huge amount are listening to pop and rock. All recorded through *miles* of pedestrian cable and probably mixed on NS-10's.
One comprehensive double-blind test I read about showed that a room full of 'phools couldn't tell the difference between a 200 dollar system and a premium one, once the cheap system had been eq'd. They were seriously not-amused when told. My guess is that they generally don't posess a fraction of the ear-training that a 2-years-experience engineer would have.

With the 'phools and relevant specialist-magasines still rejecting double-blind testing methods, accepting patently incorrect, idiotic pseudo-physics and no regulation of any kind possible - imagine where we'll be in 5 years. This is the tip of the iceberg.