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Originally posted by jeronimo
...if things are overloading the bus, lowering the master fader won't make things better....
ThatÕs true, but it soundÕs like itÕs just the output thatÕs being clipped.

Overloading the buss and clipping the output are two separate issues.

ÒBussÓ has to do with the headroom of the internal mixer.

Lot's of peeps think theyÕre overloading the buss when theyÕre really just clipping the output (red light).

According to Digi, it's near impossible to overload the HD buss.

It is however very easy to clip to output - esp. if you start with your kick at 0db!

Lowering the master fader to prevent the output from clipping is the same math as lowering all the track faders.

At least thatÕs the way I understand it.