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Old 23rd May 2004
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yeah Charles...

I was wondering if there was some discrepencies between how a plug in is treated in "insert mode" versus as an audiosuite rendering. This is a big concern for me as I've been re-mixing some tunes that were originally done on adat's... (I know, I know... 16 bit... bad convertors, etc..)

but I'm bringing a few of the tunes into PT with some new arrangements and vocal takes.... and really am finding that both Tape & Valve can take a bit of the edge off the original recordings... but I don't want to further degrade a signal that's already kind of been tapped to it's lowest common denominator... but I need to get them sounding decent for some reworkings...

so you're thinking it's best not to audiosuite just "to be sure..."

for some examples... of the originals I'm working with.

namely... the first, second, and third tracks.

thanks for the valuable contributions from all...