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Originally posted by djui5
With verbs and fx type of stuff that need's to be bussed I always set up an audio track and record the fx to an audio track after finding the settings I liked.
I didn't say it in my original post, but I only print the plugs on the inserts, not the sends, because I could be changing the sends right up until printing the mix. And if there's a special plug I want to make changes to--I don't print it. I'll keep it on the printed track (as long as it happens to work as the last plug in the chain.) My approach is to:[List=1][*] Duplicate the source track to get the printed (destination) track to have the same level, panning, sends (+ levels), automation, and plugs I'm not printing.
[*] On the the source track deactivate the sends, turn off the automation, route the main out to the selected bus, and set the level of the fader to 0 dB.
[*] On the destination track I deactivate all the plugs I will be printing from the source and set the input to the selected bus (from the destination.)[/list=1]Once recorded over to the destination track I can continue with the mix, with my automation + aux send levels where I left off, but with a lot more DSP because I'm not using all the plugs on the inserts of the tracks.

Hope this helps.