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Nice! Can you describe the functions (again)? I'm guess lower settings with attenuation, unity in the middle, and gain above that - and all positions are buffered?
Exactly. Basically the concept of the Audio Throttle is to allow more versatility from a given selection of mic preamps. For example, most preamps that have a gain structure that is more suited to ribbon mics tend to be towards the "clean" variety, while a lot of the more "color" preamps have a lower overall output. Obviously there are exceptions to this. What the Audio Throttle allows you to do is use a lower gain preamp that may have a certain tonal characteristic in a situation where it may have not been usable ago. The Audio Throttle was designed with transparency in mind, so that it allows the sound of the preamp to remain, just at a higher level.

The Audio Throttle's pad also adds versatility to the signal path by allowing more control over a preamp's output. For example one may like the sound of a certain mic preamp as it is on the threshold of clipping, but the output of the preamp in that scenario may be too much for the recorder it is being fed into. The pad would allow you to have a couple different attenuation settings so that the proper gain structure can be achieved.

If any has any more questions please let me know. Thanks.