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Re: Thinking about 'tools.

Originally posted by Sirocco
Hello, my name is Ali and im 17 from New Jersey, USA. I have been recording and producing music since I have been 13 and I just might jump onto the tdm train. vst and pc constraints of many forms have been holding me back, and bouncing back tracks has become a heavy and unrewarding chore. I have purchased many plugs, such as waves and many synths, but am barely able to use them on my 2.8 ghz cpu. Im talking 1024 mb ram here, and the waves and synthesizers cpu constraint is just eating most of the pie. Im seriously thinking about at this point, selling my only peice of gear (my motu 828MkII) and leasing a Dual G5 PowerMac with a heavy amount of ram. Then in the near future leasing a audio interface and core system. Do you think this is worth it, since this is my life, and am heavily into audio engineering and read several books about it. Just thinking about the power of tdm and the sheer amount of resources available for dynamic processors is amazing. Any opinions? I am just sick of everything about the PC. It constantly feels like its falling apart, I say.

I like using Mac for music.