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Interesting idea. I'll have to play with that setup. I like it even with its own converters...obviously not the greatest, but not bad either. As for character, I like to take my OTB signals and route them through a tube pre or 2 on the way back in. I believe this imparts thetype of color your talking about and helps to mask any sterility that the 400's converters impart.

I will hook up the SPDIF tonight and try it with a few 'color' plugs (PSP Vintage Warmer, Voxengo...maybe even Amplitube/Guitar Rig/Nigel/etc.)

The more I use this thing (and the more of my own presets that I build), the more I really like it. Don't get me wrong, I WILL buy a higher end (classic?) Lexicon and/or Kurzweil some day. I will likely hang on to this guy, though. I guess I would sell it to buy the 500 if/when it comes out. I have an LXP-1 and an LXP-5 that I love as well. Between these three units, I hardly touch a plug-in any more, except the UAD Plate 140...I still really like that one on a lot of things.

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That's kinda been my take on my 400 when using spdif I/O and it's "premium" algos. A solid though not overwhelming unit. Usable but not spectacular. Usually a little better than the good plugins. I don't like it as much when using it's converters for I/O though, they aren't so hot imo...

...I read opinions on what made the old boxes shine and most agree the old converters were an important piece of the equation. Older "good" converters tended to be things that sounded decent enough but were not un-colored. So given that I use my 400 via spdif and there are no converters involved at all, I asked myself "what would happen if I introduce coloration to the spdif return?" I'm not going to say it turns a 400 into a PCM or 480 or anything like that, but I will say it'll probably remove most, if not all urges to sell the box. I've been using the freebie Voxengo Tube Amp or ColorTone plugs on the spdif return strip and each preset gives the box/setting a bit of a new 'personality' and (imo at least) some of those presets allow this box separate itself from the plugin world by a noticable amount.