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I was wondering if you could follow up on Charles' question regarding what you did to get the sound of the piano from 'The women in me' by Shania. I'm curious myself.

I'd also like to know how you got that great Lead vocal sound on 'You got a way with me' by Shania. I hear alot of air and breath on the lead vocal. I have tried to get a similar sound with no luck.

One method I tried was a separate whisper track. Rolled off everything under 1kHz, boosted alot around 12-16 kHz and then compressed it like crazy. It worked okay but I found it was tricky to get a good whisper out of the singer and it has to be very tight or it just doesnt sound good.

The other method I tried was to parallel the vocal and on the paralleled track I filtered out all the bottom around 350-400Hz, boosted some 4-7kHz and then applied a high pass EQ boost around 17-18Khz quite abit followed by massive compression. I then mixed this in to add the air. It worked ok but not quite the same. I'm thinking that maybe it was just how she sung the track.

How did you do it on that track? What mics and pres did you use for the Lead and backing vox on that track? Thanks.

I also wanted to mention that I loved what you did to the acoustic guitar in Faiths' "Breathe". Julian King said it was one guitar miced and he took a direct out from it. It almost sounds like a double when the direct out is used. I've experimented with that technique. Sounds amazing.