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Originally posted by jazzius II
One of the main things analog EQs have over plugins is the ability to tweak 2 controls at the same time...

...for example, when I'm EQ'ing sub bass......once i've decided which frequency i want to EQ (45hz for arguments sake)....i can then grab the gain and the Q and twist them at the same time......for me this is crucial for hitting just the right spot...the right balance of gain and width..

...ok, could do it with the mouse, but it's tedious and non intuitive......i guess you can do this also on ProControl or some other controller, but it doesn't feel as direct as just grabbing a knob and yanking..........hand follows

...i also think analog EQ encourages you to try more extreme settings....where-as with a plugin, you're always scared to yank the knob (mouse) recklessly for fear of exploding your monitoring....

TRANSLATION : "I dont have and or am not used to a full featured control surface for my DAW, and therefore, analog is better to use.

No offense, but your specific workflow has NOTHING to do with te original questin, which was about the sonic quality of Digital EQ, and weather or not one should boot or cut as a rule...

Speakign of subtractive EQ... for me is has much much less to do with phase than gain staging, good post Curve!