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posted by Dave B:
One thing that has help me with ITB eq (not that my mixes are great, tho) is picking a good eq plug and using as a first choice when eq'ing. This kind of forces you to get really familiar with the plug, and you end up getting better results without as much tweaking.
That's pretty good advice.

You know which EQ plugin I use the most by far? Not joking: the DigiRack 1-Band EQ. Not that I don't use others (LOVE the BF Pultec EQP-1A, fer instance). But the overwhelming majority of EQ fixes in my mixes require simply:
1) A lo-shelf cut,
2) a hi-shelf cut, or
3) a few dB boost or cut at one frequency.

If I need more than that, yeah, I'll break out the 4-band parametric jimmy joints.

Or re-cut the track.