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While some EQ plugins can be harsh/grainy (Digirack), I find, over all, the plugins I use (Filterbank, Waves) are more polite and smooth than the analog EQ's I have (Amek, Lang). Sometimes I like the edgyness of the Digi EQ - I use it often. I've tried swapping plugin for hardware many times, and have discovered a couple of things (for me at least):

If it sounds good/is well recorded, plugin EQ is great. If it was recorded poorly and needs to be cranked on, analog EQ works better. Drastic measures to get a pleasing result work better in analog (drastic measures to get a weird result/f*@k something up, work great in digital. There are some seriously crazy plugins out there for weirdness!)

Analog EQ seems to have more "hair" and "balls" than digital EQ (sorry to conjure up that image). If those qualities were captured on the way in (which is what we all try to do anyway, right?), then gentle nudging/filtering works great in the box. I've received tracks to mix that needed so much help, I just ran everything back through my console and re-recorded the results - then mixed in the box.

After confering with several other engineers who make hits, they all agreed.

Of course, as always, YMMV.