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Originally posted by entropy
Hang on! Let me get this clear. You are saying that interns/tape-ops/2nds get paid? As in a wage? AND meals?

When I went thru the learning process I got a pat on the back, dinner and once a week a henry of hash or some dirt weed. After a few years of living on my wifes wage, I graduated to pay proper. By that time, our assistants were living in the lap of luxury. We paid for all there travel to and from the studio, meals and £50 a week.

Now you're telling me that some get as much as US$150 per day and a day is only 10-12 hours!!!

I used to get up half an hour before I went to bed, lick road clean, with tongue.... and our father would put us to bed by thrashing us with a broken bottle and dance on our graves singing hallelujah etc etc etc

You say this as if you are proud.....