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Originally posted by Charles Dye
It smells like this thread could be a breath away from an analog v. digital debate, which @ this point isn't even a debate @ all. Either you're on one side or the other + you ain't gonna budge. No amount of web pontification will sway you. If it would be at all possible I'd love to suggest (to everyone, not just you TheReal7) that instead of blanket criticism of digital EQs, we could more constructively discuss specific plug-ins and your opinions + preferences. I always love a good debate, especially one I may learn from.

Just a thought.
I'm actually swindling in the middle.....I love both.

I've also found that harsh sounding eq's isn't just a digital issue...there's plenty of analog eq's that can sound harsh. Dare I say the B word?

I agree that a discussion of different plug-in EQ's would be great for everyone on here.....