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I often have as much as 7 or 8 different reverbs (plates / rooms / halls/...) running for one mix.

Some of them might only come in once or twice during a mix . Send levels are frequently automated thoughout different sections of the song. It's hard to be detailed about it because the options are virtually endless and it would definately depend on the desired effect wanted.

one typical example I'll use a lot : my lead vocal will remain rather 'dry' or with a small hall on it during a song .... then when the last chorusses set in and the lead goes ad lib, I'll automate either an extra or another 'bigger' hall in on the lead to create a distance effect.

Another example of automation of reverbs is a 'stop / silence' in the middle of the song. Leaving all reverbs on all tracks can kill the effect ... taking out / automation fades of sends can help with that.

As for delays ... similar as with reverbs ... definately more frequently automated.