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How much faster is the fireport compared to realtime with lightpipe?
The solution I have for the Alesis transfers does not use the Fireport itself as I hate the clunky thing with the little brackets to sit the harddrive on the table. I purchased a receiver ($12 with one carrier included) for the Alesis carriers that's mounted in my DAW case and got a Firewire to IDE bridge ($50) which is hooked to the internal port of my firewire card. It's nice to just pull the carrier from the HD24 and plug it into the front of the DAW, you still have to use the Alesis software for the transfers or you could use the freeware HD24Tools available on the internet, I use the Alesis software that came with the Fireport which my client bought for me to do the transfers. The firewire to IDE bridge I bought has the Oxford 911 chipset in it and I think the transfers are a little quicker with it than the original Fireport, plus the chipset recognizes larger harddrives better than the original Fireport I have which refuses to mount some newer harddrives.