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But since a RADAR/HD24/whatever is just a custom built PC, it should be possible to equal that with a regular PT or whatever rig.
HD24 isn't a custom-built PC. It uses processors typical for embedded (ie. high-reliability) applications. From what I recall it uses a Freescale Coldfire and also a DSP but I don't recall if it was Freescale DSP56000 or something else. It's been probably a couple years since I looked inside but I do recall noting what chips it did not use.

High-reliability embedded systems don't frequently use Windows or MacOS, and frequently use high-rel operating systems - OSEK is just one example that I'm familiar with. Or on smaller chips, usually they are programmed 'on the bare metal' ... no operating system at all.

As far as I can tell, most (maybe all) problems with DAW rigs are really the operating system. Windows or MacOS are not real-time operating systems by definition. Moving digital audio around is a real-time problem.