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How much faster is the fireport compared to realtime with lightpipe?
It is much faster transferring with fireport, 15 minutes per hour of 24 track vs an hour for an hour at realtime. But, the problem with that is, you must take in the whole hour of content since you are just transferring files. Then, you're gonna open up this hour-long 24 track document in ProTools for editing and finishing. I don't like working on hour-long files. So you're gonna spend time chunking it down to manageable pieces.

Personally, I've gone back to being sure I cut a good simultaneous CD as I record live shows onto the HD24, then use the CD to review the performances and pick out the best songs for production, then transfer each good take in real time digitally from the HD24 to hard disk.

In the end, it all takes time. Fireport can transfer data a lot faster and you don't need to be in a digital audio app to move the data. One other Fireport limitation could be driver support from Alesis. Fireport does not just change the drive tray into a Firewire hard disk, you need special Alesis softare also in order to make the transfer.

I have a pair of HD24XR and love the sound quality, I clock them with a Big Ben. On my Protools system I have Apogee converters, a Neve 8816 mixer with 8804 faders, and Meyer HD-1 Monitors.