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Anyone considering these types of machines should take a close look at the excellent Fostex D2424LV:
D2424LV 24 Track Digital Multitrack

I'd say that the only areas in need of serious improvement are the need for a faster/less cumbersome file export/import method (24 tracks I/O via lightpipe in real time works great but being able to pull a 300+ gig backup drive outa the machine and stick it in your daw to copy files over would be nice) and a better manual .

You get a ton of quality bang for $1500 street price bucks! thumbsup
cant this be accomplished by reformatiing drives and setting to record in .bwf? then you yank the drive, put in FW400 case and dump to computer? I too have this it for 400 bucks witha free hard drive used in a 4 space rack case (skb..but whatever). I really like the feature set and sound, but have yet to purchase a front end for it to dso some serious tracking. I was under the impression the above scenario would work, as there Ethernet card is rumored to be frustratingly so. thanks.