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How much faster is the fireport compared to realtime with lightpipe?
I guess it all depends on how many tracks you have and how long the song is. When I mixed on the HD24 I would just transfer the files to the computer via the Fireport open each file do my editing, and then transfer them all back to the HD24 for mixing. I was never so slow that I felt I had to get up and leave the room to go do something else. It just seemed like there were less steps (for me) to take using the Fireport.

(Note: At the time I made the switch, my computer was nothing compared to what is out today, so I may have had issues recording all 24 tracks to my DAW at 48khz/24bit at one time. Prior to going to the HD24 I was recording 44.1kHz/16bit on my DAW.)

I would like to say that I am VERY happy Alesis did not use Windows DOS for the HD24. Just think how long it would take to format an HD24 drive it they did.