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Old 11th November 2002
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Overheads matching question...

I have at my disposal some fairly decent mics, but the only actual pair I have that are not dynamics are MXL 603's. I have a TLM-103, which I think would produce a cleaner fuller sound on overheads(I'll be runnung through an a couple RNP's as preamps for awhile).
Heres my question: (note that I use and like the recorderman method too)
If I put the TLM-103 over the snare, and then an MXL as the mic to the right over the floor tom, would it screw with my image or anything else? Should I just go with 2 603's? These are my only 3 condensors, but I have a slew of good dynamics, including Sennheiser 441, 421, some Beyers, etc. The 441 will get the snare most times, toms will get Sennheiser 504's all around, and a Beyer ribbon in the kick.
Before you freak, just joking about the ribbon in the kick. It is a beyer though.
Any thoughts?
Anyone else used the RNP for overheads yet? Results?