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Motion Sound KBR-3D
Yeah! I have a little Motion Sound stereo amp that works pretty good for live rehearsals at least and on stage if you send the outputs through the PA as well then it is a nice on stage monitor for your own keyboard levels.

I've also used the little JBL mini PA powered speakers (EON? Something like that... Mackie has them too... forget what it is called) and those work well but sometimes I only want to carry one thing (like guitarists carry around a combo) and my stage rig for local gigs is practically just a Nord Stage 76 and this little amp... I might bring a laptop with the plug-ins my company makes like Sonik Synth and Miroslav Philharmonik with custom SampleTank sounds but only if it's a gig that requires a variety of sounds beyond piano, organ and basic synth leads, pads etc.