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Originally posted by RaGe
Other that the vox that sounds a bit thin, I have one word: WOW!!!
Thanks, man!

Care to feed us on what you used on the strings, gtrs (mic/pres)?
Well, when we tracked this three years ago, great gear was hard to come by with my budget, soooooooo....the drums were tracked through a Mackie 1604VLZ into a Aaron's 001, and everything else was through the 001 pre's... fuuck dfegad

He wanted to track everything to his PT|LE rig...

Guitars were mic'd with 57's and the violins and cello were mic'd with both AT4033 and Oktava MK012s - I chose the better track in the mix.

The CD was mixed on my rig in '01-'02 which at the time was based around DP3. Shortly after that I switched to Logic and that's what this new mix was done with.