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Originally posted by Roland
Ok, I will take you at your word and risk a flaming!
Ha! No worries, Ronald!

My only criticisms are that the bass drum sounds a little lacking in depth and I'm not keen on the vocal sound.
Yeah, the kick drum is my old Premier and wasn't the best sounding drum to begin with...

I may replace it with a sample of my Starclassic kick that sounds lovely.

Would have liked to hear a more gentle compression on the vocal mic, possibly a "bigger" vocal sound. At the present the vocal sounds like it is hard limited and it gives the track a slightly hard edge in the 2-3khz region. On a second listen it sounded like the mid is generally quite forward in the track so it might be different sounding on your monitors.
I'll give that a careful listen - he has a rather sibilant voice and the vocals were tracked with an AT4033 - not the subtlest mic, and long gone from my collection for many reasons...

Has it been finally mastered for release?
No, I did some quick "give-it-some-level-and-EQ" for this, but it's not mastered.

After all the above being said, I still really enjoyed it!
Thanks for listening!