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Re: I stand naked before you...

Originally posted by bleen
...and submit a mix for your critique!

Aaron English, an artisit here in Seattle whose CD I co-produced and mixed and couple of years ago, called and asked for an instrumental mix of one of the tracks from the disc. I was happy to oblige, but also took it as an opportunity to remix the song (with vocals) just for giggles.

My computer was crying by the time I finished (...need a G5...), but I'm so much happier than I was with the mix on his CD (too many people offering "ideas" during that whole project). It's a rather interesting song - somber mood - incredibly dense arrangement and some fun instruments (violin, cello, riqq, hurdy gurdy, m'bira, taiko drum, etc). I played the kit parts with a pair of mallets from a little Remo kid's drum, thus the soft attack on the toms and cymbals.

Here's the track:
Aaron English - Mandeleine
Hey, Aaron is on the same label as my band Man On Fire. Tell him Jho said Yo!