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ahhh devonshire....i went to school at soundmaster.....buster and shivone and all that....devonshire brings back fond memories....wasnt full moon fever done there, not at rumbo?
Yeah, there was a guy here in Dallas named Glenn Pace (he lives in Nashville now) but he started at Valentine in L.A. in the late '50s.
He connected up with the guys who built/owned Devonshire in it's original location on Devonshire Blvd. in Granada Hills or somewhere in the N/W Valley.
They eventually built the studios in (what was it?) Burbank? Studio City? I forget... too long ago!

The guy left L.A. and moved to the Denver/Colorado Springs area in the early '70s and built a room there that used the EXACT plans as the mid sized room at Devonshire.

Eventually, his inlaws bought a building for him here in Dallas (Garland) and enticed him to move the family here.
He built a THIRD version of the Devonshire room here in 1974/75.
That room was called Autumn Sound and did things like Willy Nelson's Red Headed Stranger and other stuff. Red Headed Stranger was the first project they did!

I took over the room in 1990 and then sold my part of the partnership in 1993.
I was there only three years, but during that time I went to L.A. and tracked a record with some friends at the 2nd Devonshire location.
The Devobshire #2 location, mid-sized room was almost identical to my room!
I used to know the stuff they did there, but all I can recall now is Weather Report's Heavy Weather.

Interestingly enough, the guy that bought the building here in Texas has recently asked me to move back into the front control room.
I am tempted, but having everything at my house is handy!
Moving into a commercial facilty is like going back into the biz again.... don't really wanna'